How a LRT can Change HRM

If you look at the Google map of HRM, you see something really neat. We have a train track running through our city. This is owned by CN and is used to transport cargo in and out of the shipyards around the city. Could this be used to move people around the city as well? Yes, it could. Metro Transit used to give reasons why this is not feasible. Most of them do not hold. There is one exception: we may lack the critical mass to make it affordable. How do we fix that?
If we are going to grow in the coming years and decades, this gives us an opportunity. First thing we would need to do is end the city’s dispute with CN. Second, if we focus our growth around the existing train lines, we could increase the viability of adding a train to those lines in the future. The train line could run through Halifax, Clayton Park, Fairview, Bedford, Sackville, Dartmouth, and Eastern Passage. Other than Cole Harbour and Spryfield, this is basically all of the old cities that now make up HRM. This is where we need to focus our growth.
How much will it cost? LRT(Light Rapid Trains) cost roughly $25 million a kilometre to build. That is a number if no tracks exists. The tracks exist in HRM, however. Stations would need to be built. Trains would need to be purchased. Tracks may even need to be added to fill in the holes between Dartmouth and Bedford, and widened to accommodate the increase in train traffic. Is this at least ten years away? Yes. It is important to keep an eye on the future as we plan the future direction of the city we all love.