Dedicated Bus Lanes

This would be a great addition to the transit system. Dedicated bus lanes do one very important thing: they take the buses out of the traffic that occurs during peak hours. In 1983 Ottawa built a transit way. I used this when I lived in Ottawa; it works very well. Will this cost a lot of money? Yes. I am not saying HRM should build a transit way, but we can learn from this project about how we can improve our own transit system.
How and where could dedicated bus lanes be implemented in HRM? The obvious area is on the highways of the city. The 102 and the Circumferential highways would be prime areas. The highways would probably need to be widened and bus traffic is not that heavy on the highways in HRM, this may be the best solution.
The second area that comes to mind are the four lane roads in the city. Two options come to mind here. The first option is dedicated bus lanes, the second is combining bus lanes and carpool lanes. There are many challenges. For example, if this was applied to Bayers Road, how do the vehicles enter and leave the road? The Bedford Highway would be another great place to have dedicated carpool and bus lanes. Once again, the Bedford Highway is not four lanes for its entire length, so that may not work.
This is just an idea that needs to be considered as we continue to grow and attempt to improve the existing transit system. Lots of options exist for change in HRM; we just need to be willing to move in a more transit-oriented direction.