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This is a Rather Odd Journey from Antarctica to the Arctic, an adventure through the Americas. Kelvin Eisses, with the help of willing friends, explores travel concepts that you probably will not learn about from a travel agency.

The show is about how one travels not where; about travelling, not vacationing; about life, not a break from life; whether on or far off the beaten trail – travelling in order to learn, to contribute, to grow and to be. It is about community-based travel, including couch surfing, wwoofing, volunteering and hitchhiking. It is about roughing it to decrease carbon footprint, and eco-travel, exploring what is and isn’t authentically “eco.” Each episode explores a particular type of travel and also includes some of the totally unpredictable interruptions and tangents that inevitably arise.

HRM2012 Android App
As an environmental candidate, I do not think handing out pamphlets and posting signs is a responsible method of getting my message to the population. I think pamphlets end up in the garbage and littering the city streets. Signs on lawns can be effective, but what happens to the signs when the election is over? They end up in landfills.

I have made an Android App that will run on most Android phones and tablets as an alternative. The app is very similar to a pamphlet or lawn signs; it will give you a little bit more information about me and my platform. If you do not like it, you can simply remove it off your phone.

Menu screen from the Android app About Aaron screen from the Android app