About Aaron

I was raised on a dairy farm in Colchester County, Nova Scotia. Growing up on a farm I was taught the lessons of hard work, community, and pulling together to get through hard times, all the while giving me a deep understanding of the climate and how changes are affecting the environment.

I studied computer science at Dalhousie University. After graduation I moved to Ottawa and worked for Nortel Networks. At Nortel I became an accomplished problem solver and team player. Unfortunately while at Nortel, I also experienced the ugly side of business. In 2005 it was time for me to leave Nortel so I took a layoff package and returned to the family farm.

On returning to Nova Scotia I was given the opportunity to work on several different family farms across the country. From milking cows, pruning apple trees, raising beef cattle, growing corn, harvesting carrots, operating greenhouses and growing flowers, I have worked on many different types of farms and have seen it all. Working in agriculture presents many challenges, working with others and determination, it also demands long days and hard work. I excel at all of these.

In fall 2009, the day after seeing an iPhone for the first time, I bought a MacBook and began developing iPhone Apps. In fall 2010 I moved to Halifax and have been developing mobile phone and tablet applications for iPhones and Androids ever since. Working on mobile devices has been an exciting challenge for me. Smaller screen size and hardware have allowed my creativity and problem solving opportunities to flourish.

I have a passion for sustainable development and living in harmony with the world around us. As a problem solver I think there is no problem that cannot be solved and I enjoy solving problems that affect everyone. Despite living in other provinces and cities in Canada, I have always had a desire to live in Halifax and help with the growth of the city in a positive direction that benefits everyone that lives here.

I am not accepting any donations for my campaign. All funds spent on my campaign has been my own money. Total money spent will be under $1000. The money I spent was on the following: editor for my website, website hosting, artist, new shoes, new shirts, phone, and a camera.

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Authorized by Aaron Eisses